Literacy Board and Poem of the Month

Our Literacy Board is prominently placed right at the centre of our school building and is a very popular resource for all students with helpful hints and tips. Thank you to Ms. Walsh for her hard work with the Literacy Board.

It is also a space where we can promote some of the activities of the department – our annual Readathon for MS Ireland is currently running. All First Year students are participating in the readathon and are really enjoying their chosen books.



The English Department has also started a Poem of the Month initiative where each year group will nominate a poem per month for the entire school to enjoy. The poem is read to the school via intercom at the beginning of the month and displayed for all students to see on our literacy board.

To start the initiative off the English Teachers chose the Thomas Hardy poem ‘Last Week in October’ – a fitting poem for the week leading up to our well deserved mid-term break.


The Department were also busy attending the annual Irish National Organisation of Teachers of English conference in Hotel Kilkenny on Saturday October 15th.

Pictured at the conference are Ms. Doran, Ms. Walsh and Ms. O’Regan.

ipad-oct-16-045Our Junior and Senior Book Clubs are also up and running along with Public Speaking and Debating! October has been a really busy month for the English Department.


Hamlet performance Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin


The Leaving Certificate group travelled to Dublin on October 10th for a morning performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Students were delighted to have the opportunity to further their understanding of the play by experiencing a live performance on stage. All agreed that it was an excellent interpretation of the classic play, thoroughly enjoyable and would certainly be a huge help in their revision.


Students then moved on to play Footee, which is a combination of golf and soccer. This activity was enjoyed by all despite some students being more skillful than others.

A big thank you to the teachers who accompanied the students on the day, to the students for making it such a great success and to Ms. Doran who organised the trip.