English Week Continues……

Our literacy board is an area of great interest this week as each student tries to figure out who owns the SHELFIE! Keep guessing guys- we are glad you are enjoying the challenge!

In keeping with the week take a look at this poster depicting some words we owe to Shakespeare- you may not have realised how many common words and phrases were actually invented by the Bard!


Words we owe to Shakepeare


English Week

english week


This week we celebrate all things English with our week devoted to reading. language and literacy. There are many activities planned for the week including some competitions. Keep an eye on the Literacy Board at the centre of our school where this year’s SHELFIE competition is posted. Be sure to enter and forms are available at the board!



Each morning we start the day with an inspiring quote read by a student from each year group starting with a student representative from First Year on Monday, Second Year on Tuesday and so on through the week!

We will also have a Scavenger Hunt through the school and some dingbat quizzes for our senior students who will hopefully think outside the box!

Competitions mean prizes and we will have some Easter Eggs at the ready for our prize winners.

Enjoy the week everyone!